Excavation, Road Building, Concrete, Landscaping and Other Construction Services in the Lower Mainland

Over the years we have completed several large scale residential projects from Squamish to surrounding Islands of Vancouver, and even in the heart of the city. We have displayed efficiency of budget estimation and labor management in order to complete projects in a scheduled manner and within estimation costs.


Bowen Excavations is an experienced excavation contractor and provides everything including demolition, trenching, and removing materials from the site. We have the equipment and expertise for excavating and back-filling holes.

Civil Service

Our civil service work is primarily with land developers and also government organizations. We offer installations for underground utilities such as hydro, cables, water mains, storm drains, and much more.

Site Prep

Prior to construction, it’s important to clear away debris and take care of any large objects such as trees that are in the way. We have the equipment to haul away large rocks and materials that will get in the way of the construction process.

Road Building

We work with developers and cities to build new roads and provide road improvements where necessary. This includes concrete pouring and paving, as well as removing vegetation beforehand.


Our services includes mixing the concrete to your exact specifications, delivering and pumping the concrete were needed, and finishing the concrete professionally with our team of skilled labor.

Rock Removal

Bowen Excavations maintains a variety of equipment and machinery to efficiently break up and haul away rock, concrete and asphalt allowing your construction project to begin smoothly.


If you’re interested in creating a new outdoor space, or if your project involves a major overhaul, Bowen Excavations can do it. Whether its a pool or a retaining wall, or just large amounts of earth to be moved, we can help.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems can be complicated and finicky, and that’s why we provide everything from carefully digging around drain pipes, to installing systems for parking lots, homes, and more.


Because we have been able to grow our stock of heavy equipment and specialized trucks over the years, we are able to offer you a large variety for your construction project. Our equipment is top of the line, reliable and available for hire.



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